Baccarat Tips to Help You Get Ahead

Baccarat is offered in most casinos, and unlike in the past, it has become available for all players, not just the high rollers. If you've been playing for a while, you can use these tips and strategies to further enhance your game.

The first Baccarat tip is to decide which variant you want to play. There is the American, European, Chermin de Fer, Punto en Banco, mini Baccarat etc (you'll find even more variants on the Internet). There are subtle rule changes here that may affect the house edge and your strategy so do some research first.

The second Baccarat tip is to carry a sizeable bankroll. Even if you're not a high roller, you should still have a substantial amount with you. The game can be streaky, and it would be unfortunate if you are unable to continue because you didn't bring enough cash.

It also helps if you utilize a scorecard; this won't influence the outcome of the game, but by keeping track of the player and banker, you'll be able to see which are coming up more often and if a streak is developing.

Most Baccarat players, when trying to determine trends, closely monitor the first 20 to 30 hands, and wager one unit for that duration.

You may bet on the player or the banker but never on a tie; the casino edge is too large, and in spite of the payout, is just not worth it. Even if you are on a winning run, don't bet on a tie, as it will likely snap that streak.

Most casinos have a 5% commission; if that is the case, or is less (as is sometimes the situation in online gaming) wager on the house. If it is more than that, bet on the player.

The following Baccarat tip applies to streaks: first, you can determine if there is one ongoing if either the banker or player has hit three times in a row. You either bet on the streak continuing or it snaps. Most will be on the latter. Some players will negotiate their bets that the streak will continue, especially if the trend is ongoing.

These Baccarat tips have been used by professional players for a very long time, and go a long way towards helping one attain a sustainable winning run and keep losses to a minimum. The next time you're in the casino, be sure to try these techniques.

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